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Este artículo tiene como objetivo estudiar el uso de los tiempos verbales en las narraciones escritas producidas por niños hispanohablantes (SHS), que crecen en un contexto multilingüe. Analizamos la distribución y el nivel de adecuación de los tiempos verbales, centrándonos en dos aspectos problemáticos para los hablantes patrimoniales: el contraste “perfectivo/ imperfectivo” y el uso del subjuntivo. Además, comparamos los textos de los hablantes de herencia con las narraciones producidas por niños que crecen en un contexto monolingüe español. Los participantes fueron 165 niños (de 8,6 a 13,7 años): 118 niños de SHS y 47 niños que crecían en un contexto hispanohablante. Los resultados mostraron una distribución similar de los tiempos verbales y del nivel de adecuación en ambos grupos. Sin embargo, el grupo SHS presentó algunos usos particulares de los tiempos pasados y pareció ser menos preciso en la oposición aspectual y en el uso del modo subjuntivo.

Para la segunda parte del estudio, se consideró la frecuencia de los diferentes tiempos verbales utilizados. Los resultados de los grupos se compararon con la prueba T emparejada, con el fin de identificar posibles diferencias significativas.

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If your child was born with a birth defect, chances are you’re overwhelmed by the news and not at all prepared for it. But you are not alone.  It’s important to know that there are many people and many resources available to help you and your baby.

Birth defects (also known as congenital anomalies) are problems that a baby is born with. There is a wide variety of birth defects, which can range from mild to severe.

In many cases, the cause of birth defects is unknown.  Some birth defects are inherited (passed on by their parents to the baby), while others are due to environmental causes.

Recognize and accept your emotions.    You may go into shock, deny the news or sink into sadness and/or anger. Accept your feelings and talk about them with your spouse or partner and other family members. Also consider consulting a therapist, social worker or psychologist.

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By: Ashaunta Anderson, MD, MPH, MSHS, FAAP and Jacqueline Dougé, MD, MPH, FAAP.Given the tragic and racist events we have seen recently, many parents are grappling with their own feelings, the hopes they have for their children, and the difficulty in helping them to

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Ashaunta Anderson, MD, MPH, MSHS, FAAP, is an assistant professor at Riverside School of Medicine, University of California, and a health policy researcher for the RAND Corporation. Her research focuses on the influence of race and racism on child health. She is also a pediatrician and has published the book

The information contained on this website should not be used as a substitute for the medical advice and care of your pediatrician. There may be many variations in the treatment your pediatrician may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances.

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Addiction is a chronic medical disorder that can be treated. There are still many people who, often unintentionally, refer to addiction in stigmatizing ways, that is, they use words that can cast a negative or shameful hue on the person with the problem, which can prevent that person from seeking treatment.9 With a few simple changes in language, it is possible to reduce or eliminate the negativity and stigma associated with substance use disorders. What follows is a description of what stigma is, how it affects people with substance use disorders, and how you can help create change.

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Stigma is a form of discrimination against an identifiable group of people, a place or a country. Stigma attached to people with substance use disorders may include incorrect or unfounded notions such as the belief that they are dangerous, unable to handle treatment, or responsible for their condition.

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